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Joined 2 years ago from a Franklin, Tennessee native, who travels globally.

(April 25, 2013), My New "Health Care and Educational Initiative," has been changed to "ThinkingNano," in order to help humans in a quest to live 100 years or more. This mission, and underlying vision, causes one to contemplate a grand journey, an undertaking to achieve an atypically, lofty, yet noble, goal. I propose to create a community of followers that will function as a college. A general definition for the concept of a college is, "A college is an association of individuals having certain powers and duties, and engaged in some common pursuit." (We, as adult learners, on HubPages), are, "an association of individuals," and we do have certain powers and duties, to write and to learn from each other, as best as we can. Our "common pursuit" is, the pursuit of knowledge. As a matter of fact, "We are dedicated to, the pursuit of knowledge." One notes that this definition said nothing about earning college credits or the likes. Learning new things is the reward that we receive from reading and writing on HubPages. "Knowledge for the sake of knowledge," is what scholarship is truly about. Therefore, ThinkingNano is simply a global education initiative for pursuing knowledge through reading and writing to gain an increase in one's knowledge, period. My intentions are "to gradually help those who want to learn to "Live Long Lives," to master the concepts of "ThinkingNano," in order to have a "more abundant Life." I had an Aunt (who has gone the way of all the world) who said, "if one lives 100 years, that is not all that long." Of course she was correct. And the longer we live and the closer we get to 100 years, the more truthful her words sound. But I want that 100 years, or more, anyway. It will take time, a good amount of time, to achieve the level of expectations, or level of knowledge, that I would have you achieve. You will have to be patient, and you will have to "suffer with me."

By the way, I have a friend in a nursing home in Franklin, Tennessee that we call "Little Bit." She is a wonderful lady, who is always moving, up and down the passageways of the nursing home, using her own power, by the way. Little Bit is 105 years old. It is  a Joy for me, every time I see Little Bit and get a chance to say hello to her, to tell her how much Joy she brings to my life, and to tell her how much I love her. She is always, always cheerful, and she radiates Joy, Peace and Love. Attitude. Little Bit expects the best, or the most, out of herself, Life, and out of us. She gets it. God bless Little Bit.

 Thank you. Dr. Haddox

I want eveyone in the Greater Global Community to be able to read and enjoy my work,  and to share my writings, free of charge. In this present recessed global economy, there are decent people, who, through no fault of their own, cannot afford to pay for my writings, and my other creative works and services. For those who would like to use my work to make money, be sure to observe "COPYRIGHT" rules, and laws that govern copyright. At least give me credit and honor for the things that I write. Reference me when using my written work. I am a professional who make my living writing, doing research, teaching business, medicine, practical theology, and doing many other things such as Japanese Nature farming. Be considerate about using other people's writings, please. Thank you.

I am an older person who have traveled the world and have studied at many quality institutions of learning. However, most of my greatest lessons, I learned upon the pathway of "Life," studying from master healers, shamans, philosophers, pagans, and others who had no university degrees as I did. They taught me what I know about using Nature to heal. I lived 4 years in Japan where I learned Japanese Nature Farming Methodologies, among other things. I use my writing as a method of teaching others. Writing allows me to reach out to a greater number of people, and writing is a gift from God that we all can develop, as we go. I am willing to write and to teach but I need to know that people appreciate knowledge. I am "Dedicated to the Pursuit of Knowledge," and I would hope that my followers would be equally dedicated to learning from others, and dedicated to teaching others whenever the opportunity presents its self. The best that one can do, has got to be good enough.

My passion and greatest vision is working to see the "feeding the world's 7 billion people" program become a global success. I want people to ask me, "How can I help feed the world's 7 billion people?" First, grow your own garden to help provide some of your own foods, (to help feed yourself and your own family), that is, if you have the means, and resources, to do it. We all have a role to play, even if it only amounts to providing pennies to the effort to purchase seeds for the poor to plant in their gardens. It will take all of our efforts to make it happen. I have a plan that will work but I will need the help of others to implement the plan. I need people to approach me, asking questions. Globally, many people will die from lack of clean water and food, so my approach to the future has a sense of urgency. I need your help. Every "little bit" that you can do to help counts for a lot.

Mamushi Nature Farm is located in "The Enchanted Valley of Mamushi," at 1358 Coleman Road, Franklin, Tennessee 37064. Any gifts, donations, prayers and other resources should be directed to Mamushi Nature Farm (A place where Love grows).

"Give and It Shall Be Given Unto You,"

and as you go, Peace.

All is well,

and all will be well.

God willling!

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